5 Favorite Instagram Accounts I Follow

Hey Men, It has been a while since I have written an actual blog post. I have many giftings and writing is one of them that is the hardest for me to operate in. It is not the first thing that comes to mind when I have extra time. I want to write more and would ask that you would pray that the Holy Spirit would inspire me, motivate me and give me creativity in this area.
My wife came up with a list of blog post ideas for me to help get me inspired. She is such a great woman. This blog post was on that list…
Most everyone in the world is now on social media. Social media sites Have bypassed every other kind of content on the internet in popularity and traffic. Since the probability is very high that you use Instagram I thought it would be fun to share with you, my top 10 Instagram accounts I love to follow and be encouraged by.

  1. @christiancreative
    This account posts primarily encouraging Christian and Scripture inspired typography.

    By @gwendolynvandervelde ・・・ #letterthenamesofjesus dag 24 ? He loved us not because we were lovable, but because He is love. -CS Lewis Ik weet echter mijn Verlosser leeft. Job 19:25 For I know that my Redeemer lives. Job 19:25 Something that always transcends my understanding is why a God so great and marvelous would choose a wretched people like us to love, to die for, to forgive and to call His own. It is not of yourselves. It is not bases on wheter we deserve grace because we don’t. That is why it is called grace. That is why it is a gift. For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God. Ephesians 2:8 #redeemer #savedbygrace #believingtruth #illustratedfaith #micron #micronpen #christianart #scriptureart #handlettering #handwriting #bijbeljournaling #biblejournalingnl #biblejournaling #christiancreative #communityofchristiancreatives

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  2. @matthewljacobson
    Matthew L. Jacobson posts very strong and encouraging articles and graphics that help me walk well with my wife as a Christian. He is a constant reminder of what my role as a husband and a man is based on what the Bible says. Every man should follow this guy.

    He loves her for who she is and puts her needs above his. #marriagewisdom

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  3. @DalePartridge
    He is not only my best friend but he also posts amazing encouragements for men. He talks about entrepreneurship, family, and faith. Here is one of his latest posts.

    “Sweet revenge.” Our culture loves it. Our movies promote it. And we inflict it on others all the time. But in real life, it’s not as cryptic as Hollywood makes it. For many, it’s emotional warfare in the form of grudges, rumors, and slander. Because people who seek revenge are weak. They lack the strength required to confront those who hurt them. They’re missing the maturity to do right when others have done them wrong. They’re absent in the leadership required to forgive their enemies even if they’re not sorry. Remember, there’s nothing impressive about returning love with love. But it’s the mark of wisdom to have self-control in the midst of an attack from another. Revenge always comes with a cost: bitterness and resentment. However, we’re not called to be passive either. Instead, God calls us to confront, to restore, and do what is right. The question you must ask yourself today is, are brave enough to turn to the one who hurt you or are you going to simply return hate with hate? #DaleyWisdom

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  4. @creationfanclub
    One of my favorite things to talk about with other Christians is the mysteries in the Bible. Creation Fan Club is a guy who posts about all of the things in the bible that we don’t often hear about. Like looking at the crucifixion from a medical standpoint, who were the Nephilim, how miraculous it is that our planet is inhabitable, who are the Nephilim and Bible prophecy. His account is definitely a fun one to follow. There are somethings that I don’t fully agree with so I would take his account with discernment as we should every person we follow.

    Because Exodus 1:11 says that the Hebrew slaves built the city Ramses, early Egyptologists assumed that Ramses II was the pharaoh who oppressed the Israelites. On that basis, most scholars assign Ramses’ traditional date to the Exodus and ignore the Bible’s testimony. This has led to any evidence found for the Exodus in the correct time period of around 1450 BC, to be completely disregarded as supporting the Biblical claims. ______ In that time period, there is evidence of a massive Semitic occupation of Goshen. Until recently, though, Egyptologists have claimed that this could not be the Hebrew occupation described in the Scriptures, because it is too early. They ascribe this occupation to other type Semites, such as the Hittites. _____ By attributing this massive collection of evidence for an ancient Semitic civilization residing in Egypt to the ancient Hebrews, it begins to make much more sense. There is currently a plethora of evidence uncovered from the ancient Egyptian city of Avaris, in the middle kingdom era that fits perfectly with the Biblical account. This is evidenced clearly in the burial practices, the ancient dwellings unearthed, the tools and weaponry, and even historical writings that ascribe Hebrew names to lists of Egyptian slaves. _____ One other incredible find uncovered in this era, is a tomb along with a coffin that can almost certainly be ascribed to Joseph. _____ And Joseph took an oath of the children of Israel, saying, God will surely visit you, and ye shall carry up my bones from hence. So Joseph died, being an hundred and ten years old: and they embalmed him, and he was put in a coffin in Egypt (Genesis 50:25–26)

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  5. @dad.tired
    Are you a tired dad? Then this is the guy to follow. he is a friend from portland and his ministry is to help husbands and fathers find encouragement and exhortation in the role as a father.

    You probably need to be saying this more to your kids. Link in bio.

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S0 that would conclude my small list for you all. I don’t follow too many accounts mainly because I don’t like to look for new accounts to follow using the search page. For some reason, my search page always has some sort of compromising images that I’d rather not see. I hope you enjoyed checking these accounts out.
Do you have some suggestions for good, quality and fun pages to follow? Leave them in the comments.

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