4 Financial Tips For Marriage From Psalm 49

Among many other biblical principles, God’s Word is full of wise financial tips.  The truths He shares with us are to help us make beneficial decisions in life; many of which are made alongside our spouse.  Finances are a number one catalyst for fights among married couples; however, with God’s wisdom we can choose to avoid being part of that statistic.  Below are 4 financial tips for marriage found in Psalm 49.

The inspiration that led me to the discovery of these 4 tips popped up in my Twitter feed.

I was curious right away what Psalm 49 had to say about worldly wealth.  As I read it, there were a few verses that jumped off the page.  As I continued reading through the psalm I thought about marriage/family and the affects the “love” of money can have on both.

Tip #1:  The Greatest Gift You Can Share Can’t Be Bought

Psalm 49:7-8

“No one can redeem the life of another, or give to God a ransom for them, the ransom for a life is costly, no payment is ever enough.”

This is a powerful verse.  It reminds us that there is no amount of money that can buy the redemption found only through Christ.  No one will ever be able to afford the ransom for a life.  Only God could pay that for us, and He did through His son Jesus Christ.  I am humbled to know this truth and I reminded how important it is to share this truth with others, especially family!  The gift of redemption is the best gift you can share with others… and it won’t cost you a cent!

Tip #2:  Invest In Others

Psalm 49:12a

“People, despite their wealth, do not endure.”

Wow.  I think of all the wealthiest people in the world, who cannot buy life.  For instance, Steve Jobs – best known as the co-founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Apple Inc. – with a net worth at around 8.3 billion, he recently passed away from a pancreatic tumor.  Despite his wealth, he did not endure.  This should put the value life into perspective.  We cannot assume that money will save our lives, it can’t.  I am not saying that health should not be invested into, for there are many people’s lives that have been prolonged due to medical advancements.  Rather, the point here is to understand that no matter what one does to defer death, it is inevitable.  So if the pursuit of money is on the top of your priority list, perhaps you should reconsider.  Instead of working a few more hours to get your savings up, invest intimacy in your marriage or invest quality time with your children.  Your legacy of love will endure much longer then the amount stated on your bank record.

Tip #3: Trust In God’s Economy

Psalm 49:13-14a

“This is the fate of those who trust in themselves, and of their followers, who approve their sayings. They are like sheep and are destined to die.”

 If we trust in ourselves and in the goals we pursue, we are self-focused.  We can only get ourselves so far before brow beating and stress consume us.  However, if we trust in God and pursue His will, we are God-focused… able to achieve far greater things through Him who strengthens us.  Many times we even try to trust in the world’s economy, which is susceptible to loss, when we should be investing in God’s economy!  One example of trusting in ourselves is when we put most of our earnings in savings because we fear that money will be tight this month.  Trusting in God is when we faithfully tithe from the first of our earnings no matter what, knowing that God will take care of us if money is tight this month.  Some of us are gripping our earnings so tightly our faces are turning red and our hearts are suffering from strain.  We need to learn to open our fists and ask God for guidance with our finances.  Which attitude of the heart do you have?  How do you respond to your spouse about finances and what are you teaching your kids?

Tip #4: Be Content With What You Have

Psalm 49:16-17

Do not be over-awed when others grow rich, when the splendor of their houses increases; for they will take nothing with them when they die, their splendor will not descend with them.”

I immediately thought of the word contentment.  Oh how contrary to our culture that word is.  So many of us live out each day with a furrowed eyebrow, wishing we had what our neighbors have, what our friends have, or what our families have.  We are restless with discontentment, envying everyone else, judging whether they are even worthy of what they have.  Let us be reminded that this scripture tells us not to be over-awed or impressed when others grow rich or what they have increases.  Nothing we have can be taken with us when we pass away anyway!  Our discontentment can often times lead us to make decisions that cost us highly, especially placing a wedge of disagreement between spouses.  I urge you to recognize discontentment and flee from it!  Otherwise it will steal your joy and ruin precious moments with your family.

These were just a few verses that stood out to me while reading Psalm 49.   I encourage you to read the entirety of Psalm 49 and ask God to speak to you about finances and maybe even ask him if there are areas in your life about finances that you need to change.  I hope that these 4 financial tips will help put things into perspective for all of us. Thank you Libby for posting about it! Thank you God for sharing such wise words in scripture!  You tell us the true meaning of wealth in life in contrast to the world’s meaning of wealth.  I pray that my family will always pursue your will and your ways above worldly wealth!  Help my husband and I to be content with what we have and to trust you with our finances!  Amen!



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