3 Things To Implement In Your Intimate Relationship

Marriage is a fantastic blessing, but there is no doubt it has hard seasons that test your love and character.

I have been a wife for eight years and when I think back to what we did during the engagement period before my husband and I vowed to be together, there were a few foundational things that positively impacted our relationship and helped carry us through marriage when we faced those hard seasons as husband and wife.3thingstoimplement

For anyone who is dating, courting, preparing for marriage, engaged with a set date, or already married…I strongly believe implementing these three things will radically impact your marriage for the better! And if you are already doing these things, maybe you can leave a testimony in the comments for others to be encouraged by.

  1. Praying Together. We started praying together very early in our relationship. I know not everyone feels comfortable praying out loud with others, but this is a very intimate act of bringing your relationship to God. I say go for it, even if it is a challenge for you! Truth be told, you will get more comfortable with it over time and it will help you tremendously when those marriage challenges come your way. The awesome thing about this is that you get to hear your significant other approach God and pray for you – the affirmation you receive from that is priceless. You can pray for each other, your relationship, friends, family, future plans, and God’s will – the list is endless!
  1. Reading The Bible Together. This does require discipline, to take time and do, but the growth and understanding you receive from doing it is incredible. Simply read a passage of scripture and then take turns discussing what those verses mean to you. This helps put God and His will for you at the center of your lives. Reading the Bible together and hearing your perspectives on it will also show the level of understanding each of you have for God’s Word, which I consider a manual for life. In the Bible you will find many answers to the questions you will be faced with as husband and wife. Know it well.
  1. Serving Together. We began our friendship by serving together as we volunteered as youth leaders in our church. As we pursued a more serious relationship with each and then marriage, our passion to serve others intensified. Serving others is a blessing to marriage because it takes the focus off of you and current circumstances and reveals what the needs of others are, often times confirming that where you are is not so bad. Serving together is an intentional act of kindness and love motivated by Christ’s love. Serving together usually stimulates great conversation that glorifies God and inspires creative ways to continue serving others. The reward is eternal and it is an opportunity to draw closer to one another in a humble way.

Please take the time to consider implementing one or all of these things into your intimate relationship with your significant other, future spouse, or spouse!

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