What if your marriage was meant for more than just happily ever after!

It's Time Chase Boldly After God’s Purpose for Your Life Together

"Your marriage is God's, and He desires it to be done HIS WAY and for HIS PURPOSES!"

About The Book

Since the very beginning, God’s design for marriage is for husbands and wives to be ambassadors of holy love to a hurting world. Still, so many couples stop short at happy and wonder why they feel unsatisfied. Rather than “you and me against the world,” God calls each couple to the rich and meaningful mission of “you and me for the world.”

Aaron and Jennifer Smith, popular marriage bloggers at HusbandRevolution.com and UnveiledWife.com, transparently share their journey from a marriage in crisis to a marriage built on Christ’s redemptive love. Through fresh biblical insight and intimate stories of their own struggles and victories, this book will guide you toward a God-centered, ministry-minded, and thriving marriage. You will discover the signature marks of a marriage after God, find principles for building an unshakable marriage foundation, learn how to let God’s story take the lead in your love story, and recognize the tools God has already equipped you with for a missional life together. Filled with helpful illustrations, this thorough and practical book will empower you and your spouse to dream, decide, and do as you step hand-in-hand into God’s ultimate purpose for your marriage.

Your oneness is also meant for witness. God has purposed your remarkable, romantic, and redemptive relationship to be a powerful light to a dark and hurting world. This is your invitation to marriage as God intended – a life-saving, hope-inspiring, and transforming force of God’s love.

"Oneness is one of the greatest ways we show the world the true gospel."


Gary Thomas

“Marriage After God is not your typical marriage book. Rather than focus on the common symptoms of marriage dysfunction and lack of intimacy, Marriage After God dives into and focuses on the root causes: the need for faith, biblical truth, fellowship, ministry and God-ordained vision. The Smiths take the wise path of urging us to grow a better marriage by focusing first on growing closer to God.”


Jeremy & Audrey Roloff

In these pages Aaron and Jen have fantastically conveyed the purpose of the mission and meaning of marriage.. A powerful read that left us both inspired and awed that we get to participate in something so powerful –marriage –designed and created by a mighty God for an amazing adventure. No doubt this will become a must read for decades to come!

Authors of A Love Letter Life and founders of Beating 50 Percent

Jefferson & Alyssa Bethke

"This book is an incredible resource for anyone trying to grow or step into a healthier and more life-giving marriage. Aaron and Jen pull no punches and are honest, raw, and authentic and show that a marriage in pursuit of Jesus can change the world."

NYT Best Selling Author of
Jesus > Religion

Dr. Juli Slattery

In Marriage After God, Aaron and Jennifer Smith have boiled the complexity of a godly marriage down to its essential nuggets. This book is honest, straightforward, biblical and a great tool for any couple that aims to honor God in the midst of real life.

Psychologist & author of Rethinking Sexuality

Jerrad Lopes​

Marriage is hard. We need people who are brave enough to share honestly about the challenges couples face as they try and live out a marriage after God. That’s exactly what Aaron and Jennifer do in this book. They share their story, but even more, they point us back toward the bigger story of God and the truth of his Word.


Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo

"In Marriage After God, Aaron and Jennifer Smith, have laid out an easy-to-read and easy to follow plan for both husband and wife to work together to create an extraordinary marriage. With their love for one another and for the reader, combined with their signature transparency, this book is a must read for every couple."

Co-Founders ONE Extraordinary Marriage

Lara Casey​

There is a short list of books I’m stashing away for my three small kiddos to read when they are older—Marriage After God is one of them. Dear couples of the world, you have picked up a treasure! This book will give you clear direction to live out God’s will for your marriage. There is no greater gift you can give yourselves than to run after Him together. Marriage After God will show you how!


Amanda Bacon

The Smiths possess a wisdom that has been hard-won as a married couple. I respect them deeply for how they have taken what they've been learning and present it to the rest of us wrapped in so much truth and grace. Marriage After God helps create stronger marriage relationships while urging couples to honor God above all else. It's an amazing resource!

Proverbs 31 Ministries, author of Shiny Things: Mothering on Purpose in a World of Distractions, co-host of All the Mom Things podcast

Lisa Jacobson

Christian marriage is meant to be so much more than a mere “hanging on” or “hanging in there” together.  And that’s what I love about Aaron and Jennifer Smith’s book, Marriage After God---how their message calls us back to the Bible and the depth of love God desires for us to enjoy, as well as impact the world around us. Honestly and powerfully written, Marriage After God will inspire you to build the extraordinary marriage He always intended for you.  

Author of 100 Ways to Love Your Husband

Matt Jacobson

Aaron and Jennifer Smith are among the most powerful, authentic voices speaking biblical truth to today’s generation on the subject of Christian marriage and the life of faith. Marriage After God takes couples far beyond the destination of an excellent marriage and to the very purpose of God in every man and woman He brought together. Grow closer to God and to each other . . . read Marriage After God!

author of 100 Ways to Love Your Wife

Anne-Renee Gumley​

Aaron and Jennifer Smith know from experience that a marriage wholeheartedly dedicated to God is a powerful thing. And if couples fight to remain unified, devoted to God and His purposes, the impact of such a bond can be incredibly influential for the kingdom. Prepare your heart to be encouraged and generously equipped as this book will challenge you to not only hear God’s Word, but to trust it, believe it, and put it into action.


Isaac & Angie Tolpin

Every couple should read this book as it will help them discover God’s blueprint for their marriage! In Marriage After God, Aaron and Jen challenge every couple to evaluate if their perspective of their own marriage is founded on God’s purposes by teaching the core elements of biblical marriage and taking inventory of their gifts, talents, and experiences so that they can fulfill the unique purposes God has designed for them.

Hosts of Courageous Parenting Podcast

Sally Clarkson

"In a culture confused by too many differing messages, traditional marriage has been brought into question. This important book will give guidance and inspiration for the profound purpose of marriage and the way to pursue a strong partnership that will last a lifetime. The stories shared, compassion in each page and wisdom will inspire all who desire to grow stronger in their marriage. "

Author of many books, speaker, podcaster and blogger at

Katie Farrel

Marriage After God is a powerful resource of truth that is needed now more than ever. Aaron and Jennifer Smith have done an incredible job of bringing Biblical truths about marriage to a practical application. You will be blessed by their transparency, wisdom, and personal story of God's redeeming power. I can’t wait to see how God uses this book to bring unity, hope, and healing to all who read it!

Author of Nourish & Owner of DashingDish.com

Tricia Goyer

As a young wife I heard a truth that has never left me, "The closer you draw to God, the closer you'll be able to draw to your spouse." Marriage After God is a beautiful testimony to this truth. All good marriages are a journey of trust and making ourselves known to each other. A strong, God-centered marriage can also become a beautiful ministry that can impact the world. I'm thankful for Aaron and Jennifer's message of striving for an extraordinary marriage with God at the center. This book is perfect for couples who want to be stronger together and impact the world in amazing ways!

USA Today best-selling author of over 70 books, including Walk It Out: The Radical Result of Living God's Word One Step at a Time

Karen Ehman

“In Marriage After God, you will discover how to grab your spouse’s hand and chase your calling together—one that will be both deeply satisfying as well as God-glorifying. With uncommon transparency, Aaron and Jennifer give you a backstage view of their marriage, sharing lessons they have learned that will in turn inspire you to pursue your own unique purpose as a couple. A fabulous book to study together to strengthen your marriage as you deepen your faith. ”

New York Times Best-selling author of Keep Showing Up: How to Stay Crazy in Love When Your Love Drives You Crazy; First 5 app Bible teacher; Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker; Wife and Mother of three

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