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How Your Marriage Mirrors Heaven’s Greatest Love Story

Since the very beginning, God’s design for marriage has been for husbands and wives to be ambassadors of holy love to a hurting world. Our earthly marriages reflect the perfect union of Christ and His bride, which will take place when Jesus returns. There is such a symbolism of love, sacrifice, faithfulness, and union in both divine and human marriages. Our marriages are a symbol to a dying world-what is yours demonstrating?

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How Jesus Fulfilled the Biblical Feasts

The feasts described in Leviticus 23 are more than just Jewish traditionsβ€”they are prophetic shadows pointing to Jesus. Each feast has significant meaning and fulfillment ...
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Signs of the End Times: Are We Witnessing Biblical Prophecies Unfold?

Are we witnessing the signs of the last days? This question has sparked curiosity and concern among believers for generations. Our aim is to examine ...
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