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6 Tips For Building A Strong Marriage

In this episode, we share 6 ways to help you build a stronger and more vibrant marriage. One that is able to withstand the schemes of the enemy and is useful in building the Kingdom of God together.

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How To Comfort Each Other During Hard Times

I think it goes without saying that we all need to be comforted at times. I also would imagine that many of us have not been comforted when needed it most. In today’s episode, we want to encourage our listeners to not be afraid to go and comfort as well as to receive it when offered. We also give biblical backing on why and how we should comfort one another.

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Don't Forget Who Is At Work Within You

Don’t Forget Who Is At Work Within You

“The beauty of the body of Christ is that each and every part is unique, your marriage included, and God will use your uniqueness for His purposes if you let Him.” – Marriage After God Book

Are you a Christian? Do you love God and His Word? Then you are a vital and necessary part of the body of Christ. In this episode, it is our heart’s desire to encourage you to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has given you His Spirit and gifts to be used by Him for His purposes. This world needs you and your spouse more than ever. This world needs your unique gifts, talents, and resources for the work of sharing Christ and in redemption to the world. Please listen and be encouraged.

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