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The Power Of Private And Secret Prayer: How To Pray For Your Spouse And Marriage part 2 of 8

Are we really finding the time to spend with the Lord, and letting God sit with us in that heart space, and revealing things to Him and have him reveal things to us? In a world filled with constant noise and distractions, finding moments of true connection with God can be difficult. Yet, as we look at Jesus’ teachings in Matthew 6, we are reminded of the importance of pausing and seeking His presence.

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How To Pray For Your Spouse And Marriage: Lessons And Principles From Jesus – 1 of 8

Prayer is a practice deeply ingrained in many of our lives, offering solace, guidance, and a connection to the Lord. But what is true prayer? In this 8-part series, we look at the way Jesus instructs us to pray. Each episode will cover lessons and principles that can transform our prayer journey, not only in our personal lives but also within the sacred bond of marriage.

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10 Relationships in the Bible that Can Inspire Our Marriage (PART 2)

Relationships are at the core of our existence, and Scripture provides us with stories that teach us about love, loyalty, faith, and resilience. In this two-part series, we dive into some of the most powerful relationship stories from the Bible. In Part 2, we explore the New Testament and the invaluable insights we can glean from these relationships. These stories not only serve as a source of wisdom but also offer practical lessons that can bless our marriages and relationships today.

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