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Real Testimonies


For the first time in 15 years, my marriage was on the verge of divorce. I can honestly say my husband and I never argued or fought. I found myself asking how our marriage got to this point? I was a happy wife, and loved my husband. In fact I am still in love with my husband after 15 years, not many couple can say they are still in love with their spouses.
I didn’t know what to do! I was praying and trying to do everything right. My husband was feeling exactly the same way I was. He thought I was unhappy and vice versa. I saw your post on Facebook and began the 30 day challenge.
The communication that we somehow along the way lost sight of came back, there has been a romance that has been sparked inside both of us. I sometimes feel like a teenager.
We are living for today, giving our life’s over to God, and not worrying about tomorrow!
Thank you for the challenge and the encouraging words of wisdom! I can’t wait for another challenge!
Thank you so much
– CP

When I took this challenge I had no idea just how much my life and my husbands would change! My biggest testimony is the fact that I have prayed for 6 years for my husband to lead our family spiritual. Last week on week 30 that prayer was answered. My husband will be baptized this Sunday!!! I am so thrilled and so excited for what God has done and will continue to do. We have grown so much more in his word and in our marriage. Take the challenge. Don’t give up! The devil attacked me harder knowing I was petitioning first my husband but i pushed through. I went to War with satan and fought with Gods promises and his word. It changed our life and it will change yours as well!
– Emily C
Y’all this prayer challenge has touched my marriage and our home and our walk with God. Thank you for this! We already bought the prayer book for our son and daughter and when we are done we are going to switch. I gave my prayer husband challenge book to a friend and asked her to pass it along to whoever God puts on her heart when she was done. What I loved about this book was it helped my prayers be more intentional and specific. Instead of the same prayer routine we usually have. It’s was a deeper experience for us. And I was blessed seeing my husbands heart for me in his prayers. God bless you and thank you.
– Tara A.

The 31-day Pray for Your Husband Challenge was a great daily reminder of the importance of praying for my husband. The emails were timely and God’s Word showed truths about the areas of life that we must pray protection over and to guard against the enemy’s attacks and the areas/blessings to praise God for. Thank you for your ministry. I look forward to your “Wife After God” devotional.”

– Erica R

This was the first 31 day challenge that both my husband AND I did together ! Before he would always say “ya, sure, I’ll do it with you.” But for the first time – we united in prayer , talked about what we prayed for each everyday & overall became connected on the spiritual level we’ve been wanting for a long while !! THANK YOU!

Lindsay F

My husband and I have been married for 30 years now! Although my husband has already been in my prayers, this challenge gave me different and meaningful ways to pray for him. It’s a blessing to see my husband through God’s eyes .

I recommend this challenge to both newly and not so newly married couples!

Michele S

About a month ago I decided I would take time every day to faithfully pray for my husband so I subscribed to this challenge. We are newly married and want God to be the center of our marriage. He had no clue I was doing it but certain days I would text him at work to encourage him with a verse or tell him I had been praying something over him. Our marriage has been so blessed and this prayer challenge has helped me to pray specifically for certain topics instead of just praying for him in general. Multiple times now the topic of the day has been something he has come home from work saying he needed whatever I had specifically been praying for that day! Even just a small testimony is that yesterday as I was praying for friendships, his good friend who he hasn’t talked to in a while called him to hang out that night. He had no clue I was praying for that and God just worked it out. Small things like that just remind me that God listens and he is the one who is taking care of my husband and our marriage. Thanks for this!

Sincerely, – M

I thank God for leading to your prayer challenge. It has taught me what it truly means to put my cares and hope in the Lord Jesus Christ. I found peace in this situation of having to live without my husband while he’s in jail. I was so angry at him for the pain and trouble he caused me. But in the past 31 days, I saw my husband the way God sees him. Through these prayers, I know that God loves my husband just as much as He loves me. The Father forgives my husband the same way He forgives me and I can forgive my husband even when I think he doesn’t deserve it. Again thank you both and may God continue to bless this ministry. – D

I have been truly honored and blessed to be a part of this ministry. I only wish I could continue in this every day with ya! I am going to miss this so much! I can see how it has worked in our lives so much, not just my husband but in mine as well. God is doing so much for the both of us, as I prayed for my husband it opened up my eyes to more things about myself that I needed to work on as well! Thank y’all so much for everything and if possible please continue to include me in on these emails! Many prayers for you all. – Sonya 

I was very very blessed by this challenge. The prayers made it easier for me to pray even more for my husband and I too. The challenge have encouraged me to continue to pray for my husband and my marriage. If I shall get stuck I have these 31 prayers to look back on. Thanks so much for this prayer challenge and I pray that it will help others as well.

Thanks so much
Cierra F.


Hi Friend! We’re Aaron & Jennifer Smith, authors of the best-selling books, “Thirty-One Prayers For My Husband” & “Thirty-One Prayers For My Wife.”

Thank you so much for taking part in our 31-Day Marriage Prayer Challenge!

My wife & I know how important prayer is in our lives and we believe it is a major reason why we are still together and thriving today.

Early in our marriage, we struggled with intimacy, communication, sin, and many other issues, that eventually almost brought us to the brink of divorce. We were Christians who loved God and wanted so badly to make our marriage work, but because so many things seemed to be wrong, it was hard for us to see what God saw. Even though we felt so far from God we kept praying. Sometimes it was just me, sometimes it was just Jennifer, but we kept praying. Through prayer, we kept our eyes and our hearts on God instead of only ourselves and our struggles… and because we kept praying, we were in the right place to hear God’s heart for us. God changed us and showed us who He desired us to be. Our struggles didn’t change or go away in that moment, but our hearts and minds completely transformed. That is why we now encourage every couple to pray like never before.
We want to challenge you to spend the next 31-days praying for your spouse. You’re not going to be doing this alone! Not only are there thousands of couples taking the challenge with you, but we will also be sending you a daily email with prompts and ideas for you to pray for your spouse. We want this to be a fun and exciting month of learning and growing in your marriage prayer life. Prayer is the battlefield where we get to fight for our marriage! Let’s go to battle equipped and willing to fight for our spouse and intercede for them every day, together.