Marriage After God Podcast

Welcome to the Marriage After God Podcast!

My husband and I have been blogging on marriage for 7 years now. I have been encouraging wives through Unveiled Wife and Aaron has been encouraging husbands through Husband Revolution. As much as we have loved working together on these two amazing resources, we have desired to bring couples something from the both of us!

Marriage After God is a weekly show hosted by Aaron and I. We are going to share conversations on relevant marriage topics that will inspire couples to chase after God together.

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Latest Episodes

How To Have A Healthy Biblical Relationship With Your In-laws

When we say “I do” we are saying yes to the person we have fallen in love with. However, that...

His And Her Need For Romance In Marriage

Every husband and wife needs romance in marriage. Some have more of a desire for physical romance, while others have a deep desire for emotional romance.

How We Deal With Entertainment And Media In Our Life And Marriage

This age of technology has given us incredible amounts of accessible entertainment options. It is critical that we consider the...

The Power Of Confession In Your Marriage & How To Do It.

Confession has been a gift to our marriage. We did not realize the impact and importance it has in building...

How To Study The Bible As A Family

NEW MARRIAGE AFTER GOD PODCAST EPISODES EVERY WEDNESDAY! My husband and I have enjoyed studying the Bible as a family...

Why Christian Community is Necessary For Your Marriage

Community has been a vital part in the healing we found in our marriage. It is also the thing that...

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