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Welcome to the Marriage After God Podcast!

My husband and I have been blogging on marriage for 7 years now. I have been encouraging wives through Unveiled Wife and Aaron has been encouraging husbands through Husband Revolution. As much as we have loved working together on these two amazing resources, we have desired to bring couples something from the both of us!

Marriage After God is a weekly show hosted by Aaron and I. We are going to share conversations on relevant marriage topics that will inspire couples to chase after God together.

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Latest Episodes

God's Not Done With Us
Season 5 Episode 2

God’s Not Done With Us

 If you are a Christian then you are being sanctified. But what does that mean, why does it need to happen and what might it look like? In this episode, we discuss how the Lord sanctifies us because He loves us. 

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Season 5 Episode 1

WE ARE BACK With A Word For The New Year!!!

We are just a few days into the New Year! Did you make any resolutions or goals? Did you recycle any from last year you didn’t get to? Aaron and I are taking it slow to set goals and expectations for this year, but the one thing we both wholeheartedly agreed on was that we wanted to launch the Marriage After God podcast back up! After taking a much-needed break, we kicked off the new year right with a brand new episode giving you a little peek into Season 5. Please listen above or read below 🙂

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Season 4 Episode 5

Our Role In Cultivating The Soil Of Our Children’s Hearts

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the responsibility of parenting. It is not always easy, yet it is a worthy and noble task. We pray we would be intentional parents who tend to the soil of our children’s hearts. We pray we would be willing to get down on our knees, to get dirty even when it’s inconvenient or challenging, and show our children how to live according to your ways. We pray we would raise our children to know You and know your word. May you plant seeds of salvation in their hearts and may our children receive you and be world changers, bringing you glory!

In Jesus’ name, amen!

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Season 4 Episode 3

The Promises Of God

This episode is for anyone who feels weak and powerless or unable to walk in freedom. In This episode we explore how God has given us everything we need to walk the way he has called us to walk and it has something to do with His promises.

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Season 4 Episode 3

Our Personal Salvation Stories

If you have heard and received the gospel, If Jesus is Lord and you believe God raised him from the dead then you have a testimony. Every believer young or old, rich or poor, no matter who they are, have a testimony of Christ in their life. What Christ has done for us is the message that we often need to remind ourselves of and also need to share with those who do not yet believe. Today we share how Christ got a hold of our hearts. We pray it blesses you.

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