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Your Marriage is Your First Ministry

We say this all the time… Marriage is your first ministry!” Some people are quick to say that God is...

7 Tips For How to Get Out of Debt Quickly

Ever since our fourth year of marriage we have remained debt free! We realized quickly after we married that debt...

Are You Married To A Liar?

Do you or your spouse lie? We wanted to bring this conversation up to help us all confront the issue...


Aaron and Jennifer Smith married in 2007 with a desire for their marriage to be used by God in an extraordinary way. They started their online ministries HusbandRevolution.com and UnveiledWife.com in 2011 to share their marriage story and encourage husbands and wives daily. They have co-authored several books together including Husband After God and Wife After God. Aaron and Jennifer, now the parents of three, have been living out what it means to have a marriage after God and are excited to inspire other couples to live out the purpose God has for their marriage.

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What Our Podcast Is About

Marriage After God was started because after years of doing separate ministries through UnveiledWife.com and Husbandrevolution.com we realised that there was a need to talk to marriages together.




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Eliott, Olive, Wyatt, Truett, Jennifer And Aaron.

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